Friday, March 23, 2018

The shitty side of sensory processing disorder.  Literally

Shit smearing, oh how its the one part of SPD that tips me over the edge

I have 3 in nappies, 2 smear
Its just ridiculous, apart from a straight jacket I'm not sure what to do

At present my preteen is wearing a wrestling suit underneath his PJs, it contains the shite at least, but doesn't  prevent it,  it does however distract him  and yes, to add further insult, of course he's on movicol

My 6 year old is trickier, she is Houdini and can get out of anything, I actually am convinced she's double jointed
Her and her twin brother wear a uva all in one  swim suit backwards, underneath is a popper vest (thank you marks and Spencer's) and a pair of boxer shorts, again it distracts but does not prevent

There is nothing worse than a 3am smear, that's a pure killer, and I can't go back to bed until child, walls, floor, window, bed, linen, curtains are stripped and put in the wash while new ones are put back on

Now I've had one child smear, and while I was cleaning that one the other child also smeared, you'd be near suicidal

My 6 year old is also a food smearer
It drives me demented

I'm 10 years into smearing, its painful, you'd think in those years I'd have learnt all the tricks, no, I'm still baffled.
I do the sensory play, I do the sensory brushing, you name it we do it

Nothing works

So we just hope and pray for them to grow tired of it

Still waiting

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