Friday, March 23, 2018

Inhome / Inhome workers

What is it and who  are the people who do it

They are someone we pay to take our child out for a few hrs either each week day for  the twins  and a weekend for preteen

Weekends are particularly hard for preteen as he simply cannot tolerate the twins for long periods of time sending the house into meltdown and uproar,  when one starts it's like a competition to see who can out do the other In  the screaming and crying stakes

Preteen Is a very busy young man, he needs a lot of activity in his day and stimulation
He is a worker, grafter if you like
He likes to get down and dirty and pitch in

During the better weather we always have him out on his 13ft trampoline and in paddling pools but he loves chores
We give him the hosee, watering cans and the power washer to keep him busy
He waters the plants (drowns the plants) and loves making big puddles in the garden
But it keeps him happy so we are happy
Sometimes I give him the hoover in the house and he helps me out hoovering the car etc
He also does the dishwasher and puts things in the bin for me

Last year I got him and my 9 year old gardening and working together
He now tolerates 9 year old cause hes older and calm, he used to really really hate him
He tried to evict him once, long story but yea he got all his toys and fucked them out tge front door no lie
I also got them cooking and baking together, again attention span and meltdown pending.
And Yes it is thanks to cbd usage

But on his weekends he does real work
He loves farming, he fills the meal for the calves and gives it to them
He also goes to stables and helps out cleaning the yard etc

The twins
My girl gets girly trips with her inhome worker, she goes shopping and to cafes and goes visiting to get spoiled and I mean spoiled

My boy has been adopted almost by his Inhome worker, jesus she picks him up and disappears till all hours lol  she has a 3 year old and her little boy and mine love each other, they also kill each other but that's great as means it's age appropriate typical relationshipship

People often say omg that's so much money, are you mad, no I'm really not
Firstly for sanity reasons we need the break as much as they do but
Id kill to do all the above with my children
Id love to give them those opportunities
But I can't, between sleep deprivation, appointments, my other two kids and after school activities etc it's impossible to give quality time and meet individual needs
I want them to be part of their community, familiar with many different surroundings and activities
So yes Inhome is worth every single penny we spend

I love knowing my kids are safe happy and getting enjoyment in their life, I have amazing Inhome workers who treat my kids like they are their own kids
Without them our job/life would be ten times harder

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