Friday, March 23, 2018

Mother's day

Where you love your kids but sometimes don't love being a mother

Exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated, cranky, burnt out, scared, worried, anxious, demented, angry, emotional, drained, fed up, guilty, stressed, depressed

Many an emotion a special need's parent can feel in just one day, one single long ass day
There are happy moments in between where you can feel

Happy, joyful, proud, settled, empowered, productive, motivated, balanced, organized, successful, accomplished

How your day starts usually leads the way for how your day will end, and a day can start as early as 2am.  Its a great feeling when a day that started  chaotic turns out great but those day's are few and far between

So this day, mothers day

Well we'll make the most of it for the day that's in it, we'll smile and laugh over a home cooked meal as going out is not an option, we'll enjoy it as best we can

But yes, mothers day for some is a very different day for other's
Sometimes its a painful reminder of all the hopes and dreams you had beginning your motherhood journey that just didn't turn out as you expected and you have to grieve that and accept what is to be your normal

Its hard, very hard but you get on with it and that's ok, you must always acknowledge your feelings and emotions and never be ashamed of them, for they are yours and yours alone, it's how you deal with them that makes you the person and mother you are

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