Friday, March 23, 2018

Cbd use

Yes I use it and buy it by the truck load, it costs me a fortune but its worth every penny

One bottle is €35 and we use 4 bottles a month for 3 children
,€140 a month

My preteens usage is heavier than my twins usage
Preteen is on it 3 times a day, sometimes 4, stress levels depending and twins just once a day and that is plenty for them for now and works great

We saw the results straight away with preteen, we where astounded
He was Calmer, SPD was calmer, he understood more of what we where saying, meltdowns reduced, he started communicating more, he was more capable of independent skills like putting dishes in dishwasher, getting dressed, using a spoon, his coordination improved, he started getting more adventurous with food, he was able to cook with one on one and hand on hand assistance
I can't highlight enough how much CBD changed preteens quality of life and ours

A good time after i started the twins but it was impossible to get it into them, I couldn't even hide it in food

The company we use brought out a new milder tasting clear version, we had nothing to loose so bought it
Could not believe the twins actually took it , no fighting and looked for another dropper full, result, delighted

We didn't see the results straight away like preteen, but after a week wham, what a difference
Calmer, more interactive, understood more, communicated more, attention span improved, they started to follow patterns more, like first comes socks, then shoes then laces
Everything started making sense, they could sequence and anticipate what was to come next
They have even started vocalizing more and some words are starting to come out
taking them to places like shops and restaurants are easier now as the SPD is calmer with the cbd oil

Don't get me wrong, we still have challenging behavior, we still have meltdowns, we still have self harming
We still have aggression

SPD is still rife in other ways like hair cutting, showering, noise, etc

CBD is not a cure for autism or SPD
It just helps with it and can mildly reduce it

I'll take mild reduction over full blown any day

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