Saturday, March 24, 2018

Sleep deprivation

So there is lacking in sleep, rough nights sleep, and no sleep and then there is what ever the fuck we are

We have our very own sleep tag team, seriously Olympic worthy

So preteen falls asleep at 10 with melatonin and antihistamines on a good night, depend on the phases he is in
6 Yr old girl falls asleep at 9 sometimes 10 ish with melatonin and phenegam
6 Yr old boy falls asleep at 8pm

Ok we go to bed when the last one falls asleep

On a good but very rare night they will all Sleep, great but your body can't handle this shock to the system of one night of sleep

On a decent night only 1 will wake at 3am ish   you can cope with that, that's really good

On a typical night girl will wake at 2am
You have to run and tend to her or shel get very loud and very hyper waking Pre teen
we must never wake the bear for the bear will rip your head off, literally

You settle her, go back to bed, but she's bouncing round the room, damn

You get nice and comfy back in bed but at 3/4am they boy wakes up looking for his apple smoothie fix, he's like a withdrawing heroine addict, cold sweats, shaking, shouting
You give him his fix, put  on netflix and run, RUN
He is waking from one of two things
He is noise sensitivie, all 3 of them are
His sister is making a noise doing his head in or he's had a massive sugar drop
He has ketotic hypoglycemia
He needs carbs and sugar to survive and its put his life in danger several times.
There is a blog about it on the page

If your lucky he will settle back down to sleep, rare but has happened
Mostly he gets hyper and uses his  bed like a Trampoline so you are in bed but he's too noisy to sleep through

If the bear wakes it's any time from 2am onwards
When he's up, the whole house is up
He wakes up shouting, banging etc full blown autie meltdown and nothing stopping it
He can be aggressive, stubborn etc, his meltdown can last for up to 30 mins to an hour because he's so disorientated and confused as to why he's awake, sometimes I think he's pissed off because he woke up
I don't think he knows why and he gets angry about it

Most nights  we are up to 1 child at 2am, then again to another child at 3am and up for good at 4am with another, this is a typical night for us

We are clinically exhausted

This places a huge stress on the whole Family, the only one who sleeps through them all is the 9 year old, he hears nothing
I Suppose he was born into the madness, he is slap bang in the middle of them all, he was conditioned to it as was born when bear was at his worst phase of autism

The only fix to our sleep deprivation is respite

We only have one autie in respite at the moment

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