Friday, March 23, 2018

Who are we

You try to be open and honest, you feel its too important not to be, you stay truthful and factful but we're living in a filtered world where you can cause offense no matter what, some people can't handle the truth, they can't handle the video footage of a child self harming yet when you say your tired as your child was up all night, they'll join in and say, aren't we all
Well no actually, my up all night and yours are 100% very different, they'll call you dramatic, no shit woman, so would you be if ya had the night I had, they say it's shocking that you are so open publically, yet when you need help they'll aay, God I never knew things where that bad, I would have helped ya, hmm not so sure

There are a lot of fake people in this world but thankfully I know more real, honest amazing people,

Your damned if you do and damned if you don't
So now I choose to tell our story anonymously which was my purpose all along but no matter what I did people kept using mine and my kids names so I just gave up

Please never mention mine or kids names on this page if you know us personally

I started my page on a small basis and it was great but then our life got so out of control and dominated by autism I had no choice but to fight my ass off for a house adaptation grant, which without an amazing TD and his amazing staff and a very understanding and wonderful county council on my side, an excellent service provider, amazing social workers, paediatric team,  child psychiatrist etc would never have happened,  but cause I was fundraising also to  adapt my home and kit it out with sensory and ot equipment and replace everything autism mangled I felt I owed it to people to share our story and give them an insight into our life, why would you help and support a family you know nothing about to be fair and we're not known that much where we live as we are never in the community as we're so consumed at home by autism

But the page grew and the right and the very wrong people got an insight also and people are wonderful but a small few  are very cruel

So new start, who are we

Our story
2 parents, 5 gorgeous kids

A daughter who is now an adult, dx with severe anxiety

A  preteen son with severe autism, he is non verbal, has ID, DCD, spd, sleep disorder and challenging behavior

A healthy happy busy 9 year old

Boy/girl twins age 6
The boy has ASD, ADHD, SPD, ID, challenging behavior and ketotic hypoglycemia

The girl has ASD, spd, anxiety, ID, challenging behavior and sleep disorder

Because 2 of our children have sleep disorder we have severe sleep deprivation, to the point its dangerous, no operating heavy machinery for us and we can't drive at times or maintain full time employment, we are both full time carers

In our former lives my husband was a computer engineer, pretty high up the ranks, and I was a therapist in training, studying my backside off while running a childcare facility from my home, and my whole other life before that I was also a computer engineer

Pre kids I worked with computers for a huge company, but then I started my family and changed career paths completely,  pre kids DX I worked with autism before I ever lived with it, I'm very thankful for this as it prepared me for my new life as an autie mum
Autism was never new to me, it ran in our family genetics

So that's us, I hope you enjoy our blog and find my sense of humor shines through the madness that is our life, I try find the laughter in the craziness  as best I can

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