Friday, March 23, 2018

Assistance dog

We waited 3 years for our superhero to arrive, we had assessments and attachments  to make sure son was a candidate and to find a good match etc

Eventually we where called for our attachment and corse , we stayed a week in cork getting to know our dog and learn all the commands etc
There is a lot more to it than that but pritty much how it went

It was an instant success, child and dog where a dream match, they soon even learnt to work semi independently (always supervised)  the dog thought my preteen so much
He now no longer bolts, runs off or tries to dive into lakes and ponds

They are not friends or needing of each other, the work jacket goes on and they both know their job and what's expected
Jacket comes off they go their separate ways and are happy out
They don't look for each other outside of work

Preteen will sit beside the dog at right and the rare time pet him, only because the dog refuses to get off the couch so it's sit beside him or nothing
the twins just like to push him out of their way

Our dog is now working with my 6 year old boy, again instant dream attachment
No problems or hesitations
Again jacket on means work, jacket off means see ya later, again no great attachment or need for each other

To be honest I'm actually glad as one day  our dog won't be around anymore, I don't think an autistic child would ever get over that if they where heavily attached

My dog will often sit outside the room of a child in meltdown and look on, he will alert us if child is doing anything dangerous, he will stay till the child has calmed down

He does love them and he does love when they accidentally drop their cookie or toast, where a child is eating your sure to find my dog beside them

They are an added expense, 2 vet checks a year, specific food, they do need to maintain a certain weight and coat, they do need to be groomed and walked daily
They are an added stress at times but they are also a god send and i wouldn't be without him

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