Friday, March 23, 2018

Bank holidays and school holidays

Autism takes no prisoners, well yes, yes it does

Autistic kids and days off school is a recipe for utter disaster, especially in this nut house

My 3 auties hate noise, hate busy unpredictable movement and hate lack of routine, but most of all they HATE each other, and yes I mean they HATE each other

It already starts when no bus shows up, literally as early as 8am
The shouting, pacing, constant grabbing of the jacket and bag, throwing the shoes at ya to be put on

Then the twins join in for shits and giggles, and we all start rocking in the corners or hiding in the toilet or fighting over who gets to go to the shop for milk and bread that we have conveniently run out of, bull shit we poured half a litre down the sink and fucked the bread out to the birds just so the excuse of needing to go to the shop was there
You know those 1 hr shopping trips

Escape is a wonderful thing

We have preteen who is running from his yes HIS sitting room to the sensory room all while raiding the fridge and presses, often seen with a cereal box under one arm and his tablet in the othe, top rolled up, tummy hanging out and mumbling (vocalising) to himself
Shouting at the twins if they breath, yes BREATH in his direction

Preteen uses nursery rhymes, YouTube clips and his favourite lines from TV programs to communicate

You'll here songs of it's my birthday, happy birthday, it's my special day, this basically means I want cake, sweets, crisps and you all must fall at your feet and love me and answer my demands

You'll also here who is that scary monster that lives her, basically this means his little brother or sister, it also means remove it please

If his daddy is missing on the toilet for long periods of hiding, you'll hear ooooh where is the fat controller gone
We must fetch the fat controller
Meaning I don't want this woman who dared say no to me, get me the yes man, you know the nice one

And so on and so on

The twins are separated also
One twin In OT room and the other in our sitting room or playing with toys watching DVDs in their room, often their preference as further away from the noise  of the others

We have CCTV in all of their bedrooms and therapy rooms so we can have eyes everywhere

These days off are loud, mischievous and often aggressive, the auties are frustrated and are like caged lions and bears

The food needs to be on tap and in ready supply, the internet needs to be fast and the chocolate stocked up

Inhome support workers need to be arranged and available to have kids out of the house for a few hours each to give them a change in their day
Inhome is our saviour and we appreciate and  love our support workers
We couldn't do the job we do without them

Always and I mean always cherish and respect your inhome worker and the job they do as that job ain't an easy job

So yes when your making snow men on your snow days, at your saint Patrick's day perades, Easter activities and play centres having a great time and on your summer outings and holidays making memories we're at home rocking wondering should we be medicated to survive it and counting the days till they are back in school

We do try get out with them esp the twins as going out with all 3 will never happen for safety's sake but we can't do anything traditional and crowded, everything must be autism friendly, even things so small like the wind can upset the twins, they are that noise sensitive

School, we love school and our kids teachers, we love them too
And we also love airc Midlands and other organisations like them for  all the work they do and activities they plan centred around activities for children with special needs and their siblings together
With out them we would have very little we could do as Family at all

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