Friday, March 23, 2018


I'm all for it, sleep meds, respiradone, cbd, prozac, phenegran you name it

YES and here is why

I was a NO person for years and I struggled all through those years needlessly

Why?  Stigma, hype, guilt .basically stupidity, lack of knowledge, ignorance
Who am I to tell my child he/she can't have the meds their body is begging for
How bloody dare I

My child is self harming, ramming his head off walls, floors, windows, concrete steps, bed frames you name it his head bounced off it, and at full force too
I've seen my child bite his arm so badly its bled and then go back in for more
I've watched my child punch himself hard into the stomoch, thighs, head, mouth, eye, everywhere
My child put me in hospital twice while I was pregnant on his brother now aged 9, he knocked me on conscious also when pregnant while wearing plaster Paris on both his feet
He landed me in hospital twice while I was pregnant on the twins, causing me to bleed in the very early stages of the pregnancy


PAIN, the child was in excruciating pain
Constipated, impacted, again that's a post all to itself

But also the child could not regulate himself, he had pressure building up inside and all he could do to release it was punch and hit the parts of his body that was annoying him

He was hyper even when he didn't want to be, active when he was exhausted
Cold when it was summer, hot when it was winter

All his senses where completely confused, not sleeping was a added factor, that messed his body up completely , he never slept and was up every night for good at 3am

We where at a point where it was dangerous to have him around our small child and my pregnant self

You have no idea how it feels to be afraid of your own brother or son
The fear was immense

Life was hell, he was attacking bus escorts, students, GPS, paediatric drs, peers, siblings, parents

The hardest part was knowing he didn't mean it but he couldn't help it, he was
Upside down in himself, it was affecting school, home, everything
He is the kindest happiest boy, he would hurt himself before others so to see this behavior was so difficult

He was referred to a psychiatric Dr who recommended sleep meds and respiradone

The behaviors didn't disappear but settled, the outbursts became less aggressive and life became a bit easier
We where granted emergency respite
Of two nights a week, this was huge for us

Things where moving in the right direction thanks to the right medications
They helped get our little boy back, he was so much happier in his own body, he was feeling good and you could tell

My advice
Don't fear it, try it, it costs nothing to try something

I will write a post on our 3 cbd oil successes shortly

I highly recommend cbd oil

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