Friday, March 23, 2018

The monotonous eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

One of non verbal autism's annoying traits, well it is for ne


A noise going off in your house, the smoke alarm for example
OK for the first few mins you laugh at the fact you can't even be trusted to make toast, duh  but the sound is penetrating your brain and you are fairly anxious to switch the damn thing off

Or an alarm goes off on your phone but you can't find the phone, your fumbling around to find it as its driving you mental
Or a car alarm at night when all is asleep, you terrified its gonna wake a kid and your cursing who ever owns it to switch the fucker off

But what if you can't switch it off, it doesn't have an off switch

Yep frustrating ain't it

You finally settle down, the twins are in bed jumping round the room safe and sound, everything is done, they are fed, changed, medicated, you just waiting for the drugs to work and take them down

Preteen is different, preteen fights the sleep to the last, he falls asleep on the couch and we take him to bed, look it ain't right but that's the way its gotta be
Preteen loves cuddles and a foot rub,
Your watching TV all chilled, in he'll come with his tablet playing fruit ninja, the volume full blast, sometimes hel have his phone as well and youtube clips are on a loop, that's enough in itself to get ya twitching
The foot is flung onto your lap, the bear wants a foot rub, never aggravate a tired sleepy bear
But while fruit ninja is at full volume, youtube on a loop and no matter how many times you lower the volume, back up it goes
The monotonous eeeeeeeeeeee starts

Arrrrrrrrrr eeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuu
Yummmmm eeeeeeeeee arrrrrr
Its just a straight long pitched tone
Your already twitching from the poxy ninja and now you got this, your tired as your up since 2am, you've changed at least ,12 nappies, I'd say 8 of them where shitty toxic foul nappies and your on your last nerve and this is going on, your beautiful son demanding his foot rub and vocalising away to his hearts content

I love our cuddles but I wish he didn't bring the tone, it gets in on your very tired brain and you can't switch off from it, you try but you can't

This is the first time you've sat, you've heard and seen nothing but cbbs from one room and nick Jr in the other, you've gone through a fair few meltdowns, maybe an injury, tantrum, demands where made and met, you've chased your 9 your old to do his homework, you've done the soccer run, you've been shopping and put it away, I hate this job, you've made 3 different dinners etc etc
Your exhausted, greys anatomy is taped and your dieng to just sit with a HOT uninterrupted cuppa cause you just can't cope with another Luke warm one

You'll do the foot rub, you'll even do the leg squeezes

But fruit ninja, YouTube  and the eeeeeeeeee

Come on, really



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